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I've now deleted parts of this post like 20 times.

I'm just staring at all the MsScribe stuff, and wondering why everyone is into something that seemed to happen three years ago. No holier than thou attitude or whatever nonsense from me, cause normally this is so my speed it's scary. I watch all the fandom trainwrecks, though I try to be polite when doing so. I read gossip comms, newsletters, forums. Anything that'll keep me in the loop, which in fandom is as much about gossip as about knowing which meta got rec'd on a newsletter. But yeah, why is everyone staring wide eyed on drama that's three years old? This is HP fandom, we definitely haven't run out of drama.

Never mind, got caught up. Looks like girl pretty much dug her own grave and managed to get half of fandom wanting to fill in the soil.

Why, oh why, do we all want vindication? What's the fasicination with making someone pay for their sins. My mom doesn't believe in forgiveness, thinks it's for weak people. I'm still debating the point. Fandom seems to have an incredibly long memory, so does it ever forgive? Can we ever escape our past mistakes? Grow up? Or is someone forever caught in the mistakes they made? Yeah MsScribe is a special case cause, well just sheer scale, but in general? Will that stupid thing we said five months ago effect us now? Should everything be locked so my semi-wanky posts can't come back to haunt me? Since everything is recorded in fandom history, are we ever allowed to move past our stupid mistakes?
Tags: fandom, forgiveness, rant
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